Sky is the 4th most searched TV brand in the UK.

Did you even know they were taking your sales?​


Searchabull’s innovative approach to Search data has filled critical gaps and 

provided us with unprecedented insights Into consumer behaviour. 

They go beyond the numbers, unravelling the ‘why’ behind consumer actions.

As such they actively contribute to our strategic decision-making.”


We don’t just track the big brands​

30% of consumer interest is for brands outside the top 4.


In fact, these challenger brands included the only 10 brands who grew last year. We can keep an eye on them for you.

We just launched our latest UK TV report

Get access to the important insights you are missing​

The TV category is complicated. From dozens of brands, products, sizes, technologies, panels, screen definitions, retailers and more. It’s too much for your brand tracker to cover. Fortunately, we can look at both the big picture and the smallest pixel, so you get to see everything you need to make smarter decisions.


Category Dynamics​

Category Size and Growth drivers

What is the short-and longer-term category dynamics

Consumer Needs

Consumer’s Needs
 Search A

What areas should I focus on and with what messaging?


Past, Current

and Future TV Trends

Where is the category heading? 

What is rising?



Your and Competitor Brand Performance

How effective is my marketing activity in driving Search?

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