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1st Central is the biggest moving UK Car Insurance brand over the last 3 years, up from 9th to 3rd place.

Did you notice? We did.

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Insurance Report

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We’ve created the ultimate brand monitor.

One reason is that we look at every brand, whether you are a leader or a challenger. You can quickly discover what is driving your and your competitor’s performance.


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Fill the insight gap between your brand tracking and performance marketing funnel to drive your marketing planning forward, understand emerging consumer needs, and increase the effectiveness of your activation.


Category Dynamics​

Size of Category and
Growth D

Where is the category heading?  What investment is required?

Consumer Needs

Consumer’s Needs 
and I

What will  motivate more people to purchase Car Insurance?


Past, Current and Future 

Car Insurance Trends

What trends should be leveraged with what messaging?



Brand Performance 

Against Competitors

How effective is

my brand activity in driving Search?

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