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Want to get closer to your consumer and identify key trends before your competitors?


Need an effective performance tracker at the fraction of the cost of a brand tracker?


We create powerful insights using the words of your consumers. 

And it’s not just for big brands with big budgets.


It’s for every brand.

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What is driving my CATEGORY?

Understanding the drivers of your category to unlock incredible insights.


Which BRANDS are winning?

Brand performance including share of search and position v competitors and understand why brands are winning.


How did my investment PERFORM?

Quantifying marketing investment impact on search volume and sales performance


Category Trends

Category size, structure and change

New areas driving the category

Key consumers search trends e.g. fastest, premium, review

Key seasonality phases

Brand Deep-Dive

Branded search share v competitors

Key drivers of successful brands

Search brand ‘profile’ e.g sub-brand, product, feature

Brand associations with key category levers

Activity Impact

Impact of marketing investment on consumer interest / action

Impact of marketing on search and sales performance

Comparative effectiveness of latest product or service launch 

Cut through of creative messages


We use consumer search data in clever ways to identify the growth levers within your categories. We then create a range of insightful reports for your business highlighting your strategic challenges and opportunities.

We believe brands get much more value from tracking performance against business metrics which is why we see ourselves as different from a traditional brand tracker. We answer the question, did my marketing activity drive consumer search and is search converting into sales.

You will received a refined PowerPoint deck brim full of relevant data and insight based on the category you are interested in.

We try to cover all your categories. In our set-up phase we identify what is possible based on the volume of search in your market but you would be amazed and what we can do.

We can cover searches in almost any country in the world.

Not much! It depends on what you need and how often. The best way is to get in touch so we can talk through the reporting options.

Do you have any questions for us?

Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.