We unlock the power of consumer Search, so you can make smarter business decisions


Searchabull’s innovative approach to Search data has filled critical gaps and 

provided us with unprecedented insights Into consumer behaviour. 

They go beyond the numbers, unravelling the ‘why’ behind consumer actions.

As such they actively contribute to our strategic decision-making.”


People we work with say great things about our work​


“I learned more in one presentation than I did from my Search agency in a year.”


Michelle Blaydon

Global Marketing Director

 “The Kombucha Category Report
confirmed our 
hunches but also bought fresh insight that helped with both our
tactical and strategic 

Matúš Vaverčák 


“If you’re seeking a transformative
approach to
Search insights that
translates into a competitive 
Searchabull is the partner you need.”

Nick Barratt

European Head of Consumer
Insights & O

Booch News

“Searchabull’s reports provide unique insights into the opaque world of the kombucha industry. Consumer Search insight in their report helps guide savvy marketing.”

Ian Griffin

Publisher of Booch News

blighty booch

“The Californian Kombucha Market has provided Blighty us with a detailed forward snapshot of how Kombucha and healthier drinks culture will develop here in Britain over the next decade.​”

Mark Pavel


Introducing Consumer Search Insights​

We turn millions of data points into killer insights that can step change your business



Using the actual words when people search, we build a rich database specifically for your category.

Search data is a complete mess. We bring structure to the chaos.


Insight Generation​

We use a combination of AI  and our vast insight experience to Interpret and understand consumer needs and intentions.



We build and deliver reports that empower you to make smarter business decisions.

Discover your competitors and where the threats are coming from

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Our tracking showed that in October 2021, Sky Glass was the most searched TV brand in the UK. That’s a big deal. And importantly for their competitors, people quickly moved from the ‘review’ phase to the ‘price’. From interest to purchase. 

We identified this because we look at EVERY brand not just the market leaders. 

Think what you could do if you knew this early enough to do something about it.


People search for a reason.
We identify what they are
searching for, but our job is to understand and tell you WHY

Access the important insights you need​ to make smarter decisions


Category Dynamics​

Size of your Category

and Growth Drivers

Consumer Needs

Consumer’s Needs

and Search Areas



Past, Current

and Future Trends


Brand Performance

Against Competitors

A flexible approach to working with us​

Category Report​

A report full of insights to help you make smarter business decisions. We identify consumer and market dynamics and the trends that matter.

Up to 80% less cost than
a traditional brand tracker.

Customised Reporting​

Answer your business questions with specific
deep-dives to uncover hidden
or unknown data.  

We help you to interpret the insights so you can make smarter business decisions.

A bit about how ​ Searchabull began​

mike washington

Our mission is to deliver breakthrough insights that reveal the ‘why’ behind consumer search behaviour.


Founded in 2022 by Mike Washington, Searchabull has swiftly emerged as a leader in this new field of understanding consumer behavior.


What makes us unique? Unlike conventional approaches that focus on the ‘what,’ we delve into the ‘why’ of consumer searches, providing unparalleled insights and perspective. Our holistic approach considers external factors, bringing consumer behavior to life in ways never seen before.


Our groundbreaking approach has earned us accolades, with technology giant Samsung testifying to the transformative impact of our work on their strategic decision-making.


Work with us to unlock the power of search and experience firsthand the remarkable results attained by our clients. 


Mike, Founder

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