Galaxy Ring v Ōura Ring

Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Ring had a dramatic impact on, and benefit to market leader Oura. The smart rings category is now a live case study of how the concept of ‘growing the pie’ works.

The “grow the pie” mentality is a common phrase in business:

🔸A rising tide lifts all boats
🔸Don’t be afraid of new players
🔸If your product offers genuine value, it can be your greatest ally

Samsung introduced and helped legitimise the concept of a smart ring to a large audience at the S24 launch, and got more reach from the subsequent tech industry buzz.

The announcement saw a short-term surge in demand for the Galaxy Ring and it incredible became the number 2 brand. But it also fuelled discovery for the entire category, specifically for Oura – which is up +100%.

Oura has therefore benefited from the ‘grow the pie’ concept, but the challenge now is to solidify it’s position before the new entrants come to market.

Samsung is rumoured to launch in July or August and potentially Honor, and Apple. Now is the time to arm yourself with as much intelligence to prepare.

For established players: Be prepared to leverage market trends and adapt your strategy accordingly

For new entrants: Building anticipation is key, but long-term success hinges on offering genuine value

As my old High School would say, Scientia Potestas Est.
Knowledge is Power.

You can find both knowledge and power in our latest Smart Rings report.

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