Consumer Search Journey​

Identify and quantity the consumer search journey from broad category questions through to brand trade-offs and choices and on to the “last mile” of the search journey – fulfilling the purchase.  Search Journey insights will inform you pathway to purchase and marketing activation strategies.

With Searchabull’s Consumer Search Journey insights you can: ​

1. Classify data based on the critical elements of consumer searches, aligning them seamlessly with distinct phases of the consumer pathway.

2. Gain valuable insights into the key phases of consumer search behaviour, enabling you to pinpoint where potential customers are in their journey.

3. Quantify and measure the significance of each search journey phase, providing a data-driven perspective on consumer behaviour patterns.

4. Determine precisely where your brand needs to focus its efforts to establish a strong presence and influence in each search journey phase.

Pricing Plans​

At Searchabull, we understand that your needs vary from long-term continuity planning to specific, one-time reports. That’s why we offer a flexible and comprehensive solution for all your Search Motivations and Roles requirements.

12-Month Subscription

With this subscription, you’ll receive:

1. Quarterly Report and Presentation

We’ll provide you with in-depth analysis of motivations for search, consumer search needs and brand presence insights to drive informed decision-making.

2. Follow-up Analysis

Our follow-up analysis ensures that you’re making the most of our findings. 


For those times when you need specific insights without a long-term commitment, our one-time reports are the perfect solution. Get the data and analysis you need, precisely when you need it.

Why choose Searchabull?

Tailored Solutions

We offer customized solutions, ensuring that our services precisely match your unique needs and goals.

Actionable Insights

We deliver comprehensive insights, including actionable recommendations and deep analysis, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive results.


We believe in accessible insights, offering competitive pricing, including one-time reports, without compromising quality.

Client Results​

Do you want insights on your consumers’ search needs and motivations?​

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