Foldable Phones Report

Samsung has been the King of foldable phones with Z Fold and Z Flip the leading ranges. So when we posted that Motorola overtook Samsung in Flip phones in the USA, we wanted to see if Samsung’s position of leadership is under threat in other countries.

Analysis of our Smartphone Brand Monitor uncovered some interesting changes in consumer demand:

🔸 Fold and Flip share of total smartphone sits between just 1% – 4%, but are often used as a demonstration of innovation. Growth sits at about 10% v Total smartphones which is flat

🔸 Flip phones are more popular than Fold, lead by Samsung Z Flip but also the Motorola Razr series

🔸 Samsung is No 1 in all markets we track with share ranging from 87% in France to 59% in the USA where Motorola is strong. But a concern is that is declining in most countries and behind the market where it is growing

🔸 Honor’s overall success in Europe is replicated with Magic V2 it’s most popular folding phone and reportedly the most shipped model in Europe in Q1 2024

🔸 Motorola briefly took the lead of Flip within the USA but is also successful in other European markets where demand is for ‘Razr’ of ‘Flip’ rather than a specific model

🔸 Google launched the Pixel Fold in May 2023 and rumoured to launch later in Autumn to align with Pixel 9 release. It does better in the original launch markets

🔸 Oppo features across most countries but has lost demand in all except for Australia with the N3 less successful than the N2

🔸 OnePlus features 7 times with the successful launch on the Open in October 2023

🔸 Apple makes an appearance in the USA despite not making a folding phone, but it does signal demand for iPhone Fold if they decide to enter

So while Samsung leads now, there are signs that 2024 will be a challenging year as competitors launch new, and often cheaper, models.

Keeping an eye on upcoming launches and consumer trends can provide valuable information to help you make smarter decisions. Get in touch to find out more.

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