Poland's Smartphone Monitor

Poland is the fastest-growing European country in our Smartphone Monitor. And with 178M searches it is bigger than Spain, Italy and just behind the UK. It is an important market that brands need to be paying closer attention to.

Here is a top-line summary of the key brands:

🔸 Apple is dominant with 48% of demand, peaking at 58% for the iPhone 15 launch. It’s also the fastest growing brand with a noticeable uplift from iPhone 13.

🔸 Samsung is the 2nd largest brand and has broadly maintained demand volume against the growth of Apple. But the gap between the 2 brands has increased from -5% to -22% in the last 3 years. The most popular model is S23 indicating the latest flagship is not the key focus with consumers

🔸 Xiaomi had 19% of Poland demand 3 years ago but has fallen to 11%. Note 13 is the most popular model with 4 other folding phones in their top 10

🔸 Motorola is in strong growth in Poland, behind only Apple. 5 of the top models all from the Edge range

🔸 Huawei still maintains search interest in Poland despite being severely restricted in distribution

🔸 Honor is the 3rd fastest growing brand. This is consistent with other European countries. The Honor Magic6 Pro is the most popular model

🔸 Nothing performs well in Poland with +55% growth, the fastest across all countries we monitor

We will continue to add more countries so brands can benchmark their performance both across Europe and the rest of the world.


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